iqama expiry check

Iqama Expiry Check 2020 Saudi Arabia

Iqama is a special identity Card which is used in the country of Saudi Arabia. Expiry means the end date of any identity card. The checking ways change with the passage of time. So here is a Latest way of 2020 that helps you know about your iqama details in few seconds.

For understanding this way to need to Understand all mention points below. These points tell you each and every step to check about it. See Step by step details about Iqama visit this site

Step#1: Register yourself in the Absher. Open official site and click on the “Individual”. After that select language. After that login and Registration page appear. For registration forum, Click on “New User”. Forum appear in home screen when you click on it.  Put all the necessary details in the all boxes Like name, Mobile number, Language, email, Password. Enter each and every thing step by step and after completing the all boxes then agree terms and click on “Next” option.

Step#2: The second step is account registration verification via code. So You need for registration to put code. When you put it and click on Register Option. Your account successfully created. Now your account is ready to login and use.

Step#3: Download Absher app or visit site and select language English by clicking on “EN” Option. Doing this process change your home page into English language. Now login your account of Absher by filling login page correctly.

Step#4: Go to the E Inquiry option and find option of iqama details. Open it and enter iqama number, Image code and for checking details click on view option. Now all details about yourself appear. Check your details in this way very easily.  Check Query Iqama expiry