Iqama Expiry Check Red Green With Absher

You can check your iqama expiry red green by following these steps. Absher is the most popular application where many servies  are availabe. So step of checking iqama expiry available here.

Step#1: Go to or open this link in any browser of your device. The Simple interface containing two options “Business” and “Individuals” appear on the homepage. Now click on “Individuals” Option. Screenshot of all things given below.

Step#2: New User option Lead to You in a new page. This page contains a form of registration. Fill this forum carefully because each and every box is very important for you. This Forum consists of these options.

Id Number: Enter your id number first

Mobile Number: Must enter the active Mobile number here

Username: Write unique user name here

Password & Confirmation: Enter the password and confirm it.

Email: Enter your Gmail here

Preferred Language: Select your preferred

Image Code: Enter Image code here

Step#3: Click on The “NEXT” and confirm your code of confirmation. This code comes on your register with Absher number. Confirm and click on the “Register” button. See Screenshot for confirmation.

Verification is done. Print the registration details.

Step#4: Go to Play Store and install the Absher app. Click to open it. Login to your account entering Iqama Number, Password, and code of the image. Verify code and login to your account Successfully. After that click on E inquiries or Seach iqama expiry in my account search option see the screenshot for confirmation.

Step#6: New page open write iqama number and Password then click on view option. The full information of your iqama expiry red-green come. See the screenshot.

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